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Gold Coast 
185 Centimetres  
86 Kilos  
2012 My current goals are to build up my wrestling so i can hopefully go overseas to wrestle in America whilst studying. As a second option going over to Thailand to train traditional muay thai would be another option.
2012 Five rings dojo fight team member Potential unlimited mixed martial arts brazillian jiu jitsu competition team member Lange park wrestling team member.
2012 Invitation to attend Australian freestyle wrestling championships 1st place state queensland wrestling championships U93kg 2011 1st place lockdown submission grappling tournament U93kg 1st place Queensland brazillian jiu jitsu circuit U84kg 1st place toowoomba submission grappling U84kg 1st place U84 aftershock cage fighting series  
1012 Joseph Benedivaz, TJ Dillashaw seminar mixed martial arts Multiple John Will Machado jiu jitsu seminars