SPORTZ profiles enables you to:

1) Create a SPORTZ profile for yourself or your siblings

Record sports participation, achievements, Performance and health- fitness levels. Tools to obtain sponsors to assist in financing your sports participation ...Sign Up to learn more,'s FREE.

2) Search the SPORTZ profiles of others

Search and view the SPORTZ profiles and save them to your favorites. Unique tool for sports directors of collages, universities, representative coaches and selectors to monitor the performance of rising stars ...Sign Up to learn more,'s FREE.

3) Participate in a Health Fitness-Assessment

Minimize injury by seeing if you are healthy and fit enough to participate in your chosen sport ...Sign Up to learn more,'s FREE.

4) Become an Health-Fitness Assessor

Earn additional income as a SPORTZ profiles Health-Fitness Assessor ...Sign Up to learn more,'s FREE.


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